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Car Driving Zombie Shooter 3d


Drive your car to smash the zombie car and kill all the zombies and infected dog into the city. In which you'll learn how to smash or hit the zombie car, performing incredible feats of justice to kill the zombies getting away in car driving zombie shooter 3d. This game is about zombies and infected peoples and dogs. In this game you are the citizen and your real mission is to smash down the zombie, infected peoples and dog who are trying to spread the virus into the city. You need to drive speedily and catch them by following the map. Take control of the suv car and smack down the convicts of virus city. You need to watch out for the oncoming traffic and buildings as well because once your suv car hit any else thing instead of the zombies and zombies car then the game will get over. You will have to complete 15 levels in the specific given time otherwise the game will also get over. Fun sounds and exiting real big city are included. So you must enjoy car driving zombie shooter 3d.